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At the Crossroads Song List

 ATC2021-19 (May 10-16, 2021)


Intro Music – Neil Harnett – At the Crossroads Theme [N.Harnett]


  1. Tom Craig – Treat Your Daddy Nice

CD: Good Man Gone Bad (8th Train Records, 2021)


  2. JP Williams Blues Band ft. Ekat Pereyra – Around Midnight

CD: JP & Ekat (Gizzifter Records, 2021)


  3. Sonny Rhodes – Meet Me at the 10th Street Inn

CD: Blue Diamond (Stony Plain Records, 1999)


  4. Jack de Keyzer – That’s How We Make Love (CC)

CD: Tribute (Blue Star Records, 2020)


  5. James Cotton – One More Mile

CD: Various Artists – Cadillac Baby’s Bea & Baby Records: The Definitive Collection (Earwig Music, 2019)


  6. Terminal Station – One More Shot (CC)

CD: Brotherhood (Hard Rain Records, 2020)


  7. Larkin Poe – Preachin’ Blues

CD: Peach (Tricki-Woo Records, 2017)


  8. Steve Strongman – Paid My Dues (CC)

CD: Tired of Talkin’ (Stony Plain Records, 2019/2021)


  9. Damon Fowler – Some Things Change

CD: Alafia Moon (Landslide Records, 2021)


  10. Damon Fowler – Taxman

CD: Alafia Moon (Landslide Records, 2021)


  11. Rob Lutes – In My Time of Dyin’ (CC)

CD: Come Around (Lucky Bear Records, 2021)


  12. Nora Jean Wallace – I’m a Blues Woman

CD: Blues Woman (Severn Records, 2020)



CC = Canadian Content