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At the Crossroads Song List

ATC2021-43 (October 25-31, 2021)


Intro Music – Neil Harnett – At the Crossroads Theme [N.Harnett]


  1. Colin Linden – Boogie Let Me Be (CC)

CD: bLOW (Highway 20 Records, 2021)


  2. Veronica Lewis – Put Your Wig On Mama

CD: You Ain’t Unlucky (Blue Heart Records, 2021)


  3. Kenny ‘Blues Boss’ Wayne – Leavin’ in the Morning (CC)

CD: Rollin’ with the Blues Boss (Stony Plain Records, 2014)


  4. Willie MacCalder – First Fight (CC)

CD: Resolution (independent, 2021)


  5. Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe McCoy – What’s the Matter with the Mill

CD: Various Artists – Blues Classics 1927-1969 (MCA Records, 1996)


  6. Bobby Murray ft. Wyles Redding – I Sing the Blues

CD: Love Letters from Detroit (Little White House Records, 2021)


  7. Starlite Campbell Band – Gaslight

CD: Language of Curiosity (Supertone Records, 2021)


  8. David Gogo – Silver Cup (CC)

CD: Silver Cup (Cordova Bay Records, 2021)


  9. Altered Five Blues Band – Holler If You Hear Me

CD: Holler If You Hear Me (Blind Pig Records, 2021)


  10. Altered Five Blues Band – I Got All I Need

CD: Holler If You Hear Me (Blind Pig Records, 2021)


  11. The Saturday Blues Project – From Bad to Cursed

CD: Any Saturday (independent, 2016)


  12. Fabrizio Grossi & Soul Garage Experience ft. Bette Smith – With or Without You

CD: Counterfeited Soulstice (Soul Garage Experience Records, 2021)

CC = Canadian Content