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At the Crossroads Song List

 ATC2021-09 (March 1-7, 2021)


Intro Music – Neil Harnett – At the Crossroads Theme [N.Harnett]


  1. Curtis Salgado – Slow Down

CD: Damage Control (Alligator Records, 2021)


  2. Dennis Jones – I’m Not

CD: Soft Hard & Loud (Blue Rock Records, 2020)


  3. Johnny Burgin ft. Anson Funderburgh – Cherry on Top

CD: single (Delmark Records, 2021)


  4. Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar – Don’t Have to Be (CC)

CD: The Reckless One (Gypsy Soul Records, 2020)


  5. Crowbar – Too True Mama (CC)

CD: Bad Manors (Stony Plain Records, 1971)


  6. Mick Kolassa – Who’s Been Talking

CD: If Youi Can’t Be Good, Be Good at It (Endless Blues Records, 2020)


  7. Lee O’Nell Blues Gang – Different Shades of Love

CD: Different Shades of Love (independent, 2020)


  8. Michael Schatte – Please Don’t Dance with My Brother (CC)

CD: Conundrum (independent, 2020)


  9. Nora Jean Wallace – Evidence

CD: Blues Woman (Severn Records, 2020)


  10. Nora Jean Wallace – I’m a Blues Woman

CD: Blues Woman (Severn Records, 2020)


  11. Tony D – Blues Party (CC)

CD: Speak No Evil: A Flurry of Instrumentals (independent, 2020)


  12. Kirk Fletcher – Fattening Frogs for Snakes

CD: My Blues Pathway (Cleopatra Records, 2020)


CC = Canadian Content

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