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At the Crossroads Song List

ATC2022-38 (September 19-25, 2022)


Intro Music – Neil Harnett – At the Crossroads Theme [N.Harnett]


  1. Mike Morgan & the Crawl – Out in the Jungle

Album: The Lights Went Out in Dallas (M.C. Records, 2022)


  2. The Boneshakers – I Am the Blues

Album: One Foot in the Groove (Take It to the Bridge Records, 2022)


  3. Buddy Guy ft. Jason Isbell – Gunsmoke Blues

Album: The Blues Don’t Lie (Silvertone Records, 2022)


  4. Crystal Shawanda – Rumpshaker (CC)

Album: Midnight Blues (True North Records, 2022)


  5. David Clayton-Thomas – Wish the World Would Come to Memphis (CC)

Album: Blue Plate Special (independent, 1996)


  6. Firebird Smith Blues Band – A Place in My Heart

Album: No Turning Back (independent, 2022)


  7. Al Basile – I’m Waiting

Album: Through with Cool (Sweetspot, 2022)


  8. Lauren Anderson – Rain Down on Me

Album: Burn It All Down (independent, 2022)


  9. Spencer Mackenzie – Can’t Do Right (CC)

Album: Preach to My Soul (Gypsy Soul Records, 2022)


  10. Spencer Mackenzie – Battle from Within (CC)

Album: Preach to My Soul (Gypsy Soul Records, 2022)


  11. Emanuel Casablanca ft. Felix Slim – Devil’s Blood

Album: Blood on My Hands (Kings County Blues, 2022)


  12. Dylan Triplett – Feels Good Doin’ Bad

Album: Who is He? (VizzTone, 2022)

CC = Canadian Content