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I write and present the weekly At the Crossroads radio show, which launched in early February 2003. The program is engineered and produced by Mike Braniff, who is also ATC’s web guru; Rosemary Trace provides the program’s imaging voice; and ATC’s intro theme was written and recorded by Neil Harnett.

For the most part, each edition of ATC is a new-music sampler of the many styles that fit under the umbrella of the blues. The program includes plenty of tunes, a two-song spotlight on a new release, a classic blues cut or artist, and emphasis upon both established and independent artists from around the world. The over-riding goal is to attract new listeners to the blues, while also satisfying purists and long-time aficionados.

The ATC website complements the radio show with more information, a store, streaming audio of each week’s program, and an easy way for listeners and site visitors to contact us with requests, comments and suggestions. We hope you enjoy listening to the music as much as we enjoy putting it together.

 - Brant Zwicker / ATC Presenter


"I grew up playing rock 'n' roll for a living, not realizing that most of the songs we were covering were really blues songs in disguise. After playing professionally for 20 years, I found myself working in a recording studio in Kamloops, BC and was asked to work for the ATC blues radio show. Well, I'm 900 shows deep and over 18 years in and happy to be along for the ride!


Brant soon elected me producer as well, and asked politely to be the crazy website guy for this endeavour...


I'm proud to be a part of this every week, and hope you enjoy every broadcast! May the blues be with you...


- Mike Braniff / ATC Producer/Engineer/Web Guy

"Neil Harnett wrote and performed our signature theme song. He is an accomplished singer, guitarist, and songwriter, and we encourage you to check out his website at

At the Crossroads Blues Radio wishes to acknowledge and thank the originators of the blues who gave us this remarkable music for the world to enjoy.

African-American musicians, singers, and songwriters created and used this music to sustain them through pain and hardship in their quest for freedom and equal rights.

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